A Personal Journey – Back Home

Welcome to Berlin

Welcome to Berlin

I returned to Germany. After 20 years in the United States I came back to live and work in the city that I call my birth town, Berlin.  When I left I was 24 years old, with one suitcase and a heavy duffle bag stuffed with my most precious belongings. Like many young women before me I left for the promise of a relationship and like so often in life (especially when you are that young) it was another love that kept me there. Yet at that time I found myself in the country of all possibilities and the premise that somehow you can be anything and become anyone you aspire to be. And I did.

In the super short version of 20 years, I can look back and see what I bring with me this time; four amazing girls, one great husband and a 20 foot container full of my memories and pots and pans. And Duke our little adopted 4 legged friend.  Why did I leave the US? I had started my company KinderCone just a few years earlier and was working as a relocation consultant as well as being busy with shuttling girls from lakefront soccer to piano recitals. We leave behind some of the best friends a person could wish for and yet we decided that it was time for a change, time to get moving before we would not dare do it anymore.

We had started a year earlier when the 6 of us got on a plane and traveled for 8 months around the world.  Lillian, my oldest and Lancelot, my husband documented the trip in their blogs OneWorld4girls and 4KidsWillTravel respectively.

This journey, homeschooling and seeing parts of this wonderful and often challenging world really changed me (and I know my family) and I wanted to explore more and give my children the chance to be part of this incredibly global community in Europe and elsewhere. After one resting year in Chicago we packed our bags and pots and pans once more and arrived here in Berlin just two months ago. And even though this blog should reflect my company KinderCone and this fun tradition that came from Germany, I am hoping that I can give some reflection on our new and very different life here in Berlin.

Of First Days and other stories…

Do you remember your own first day of school?  I do – I remember that is was still warm outside on that September day in 1974 when my mother brought me to school, a school that I had known since my older sister was entering third grade on the same day.  I knew the building and even some of the teachers and yet I was feeling quite scared and yet full of anticipation.  Maybe I remembered the first day so vividly because I had been waiting to be in the same school as my beloved “sissi”; maybe it had been talked about so much – but what stuck with me all these years was my very now gift, my own proof that I had made into the “big league” – my own Schultüte!

A gift just for me, a gift that said “you are special today and you are entering the world of serious learning forever”.  I don;t even really recall the filling, chocolates, new markers and maybe a a pencil case?

It was the large shiny cone that held all the gifts and symbolized that I was growing up.

Now, 35 years later, I still remember – and I hope you share your stories with me on my KinderCone blog.  I asked my now 14 year old daughter to tell her story and I can’t wait to share it with you as well.

sv tüte